How can we use our human sense to solve for inequity? In our debut episode of the HumanSense podcast, we speak to Rev. Patricia Katherine Novick, Ph.D., D.Min., who was at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement, speaks to how a guiding purpose supported her dedication to social justice. She also shares with us how technology has shifted her methods for civic engagement.   

About Patricia

Rev. Patricia Novick’s primary current project is supporting community leaders in the Chicago neighborhoods of Bronzeville and Pilsen — one primarily African American, the other primarily Latinx — in creating  augmented-reality tours of the neighborhoods that highlight their history, culture, activist heroes, artists, and nature. The project, which was founded by African American and Latinx community leaders to encourage greater awareness of positive community assets by community residents and others from outside the neighborhoods, receives staff support from the Chicago Park District, the Field Museum, and other civic and educational organizations.

For more than thirty years, as a consultant, trainer, training designer, and ordained minister, Rev. Patricia Novick has focused on issues of social justice, diversity, health, and the environment. She holds doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and in ministry, as well as master’s degrees in sociology and divinity. She is a founding trainer at the Multicultural Leadership Academy, a nine-month program that builds understanding and collaboration among Latino and African American leaders. Dr. Novick was the first director of corporate social responsibility at McDonald’s Corporation, and she later served as a consultant and training designer on issues of social responsibility at organizations that include Levi Strauss, Foremost-McKesson, and Stanford University.