A podcast that explores how we use our innate and unique perception to challenge the status quo and explore possibilities.

Human Sense Podcast

We capture stories from everyday individuals who were driven by their instinct and intuition to reinvent realities, solve challenges, and create something new. All with the purpose of building meaning, inciting change, or making things better.

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Episode 1: A Guiding Purpose, Interview with Patricia Novick

How can we use our human sense to solve for inequity? In our debut episode of the HumanSense podcast, we speak to Rev. Patricia Katherine Novick, Ph.D., D.Min..  

Episode 2: Connecting Through Art, William Estrada

For Chicago artist, William Estrada, his human sense led his art making practice to focus on exploring inequality, migration, historical passivity, cultural recognition, self-preservation, and media representation in marginalized communities.

Episode 3: Let Me Tell You a Story… Lauren Sivak

For our guest, Lauren Sivak, storytelling is more than a profession and passion – it’s an opportunity to incite dialogue, share perspective and create empathy.

Hosted by LimeRed

LimeRed is a design firm in Chicago dedicated to supporting and growing more purpose-driven businesses in our community, our city, and the world.

Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad

Strategic Design Director

Emily Lonigro

President and Founder

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